Re known priest/bishop who hire men for sex in kisumu…..

It may sound funny or unreal but the truth is there is spriest/bishop in kisumu who is in the business of trading with young men in kisumu was on the Saturday when i received a call from (Franko) not his real name one of my msm peers who wanted to have an urgent meeting with me at first i was hesitant as we don’t work on Saturdays but again thought and said emergencies have no boundaries so i set myself off for the meeting in one of the re-known msms hotspots in kisumu town.

Thanks for coming he said.we went straight to point as he seemed very much disturbed. Franko happens to be anew young man in kisumu who came to know about me through our health session talks that is organized by KASH (keeping alive societies hope) in kisumu and he believed i was the right person to share his o deal with.after brief intro between us he said i have been a victim and need your intervention as an organization he said.when i came to this town i wanted to get company so i asked my trusted friend in Nairobi o hook me up with a good top guy who is financially stable and very discreet he said i was linked to a guy whom i met and dint like beacuse of his feminine behavior so he promised to link me to another guy whom he said is a good guy as usual i needed someone so i greed we arranged for the meeting the three of us and we met at his resident somewhere in kisumu but not near town center.

During our meeting i could see many young boys who came to see my friend who introduced himself to me as “baba”the man was not a young guy as per my expectation but had no option to leave the premise as it was late in the night.The old man seemed to love me and i was treated like a queen in his palace. he asked the other friend to leave us alone with him for private talk but asked him to passersby his office which s within the premise and see the accountant before leaving i heard him tell (Oscar)not his real name the guy who brought me here.

when we were left the man asked me to quote how much i would want paid for that night and i told him am not a sex worker i was looking for a guy to love and love me back for the days i will be staying in kisumu he laughed and said…kijana hapa hakuna mapenzi unipe kago nile na nikulipe …..i will always call you when i need you as i serve many some point i felt useless but again as a man gathered courage and asked him so how much are you offering…..he said it depends with how many people work on you he said.what do you mean how many people i thought it was you here i asked but he replied no! no! no! i have my body gourds who also need to be served after am done with you.

So through our talk i kept thinking on how i could escape from here and i couldn’t as we were inside a big house we with many rooms and with security allover the place and one of the rules when you get in is that your phone must be off which was a hindrance to me.i was taken to room we had sex with more than seven different men including the old man whom i realised was a priest/bishop who was very famous in kisumu we had no protection during the deal and left in the morning having been given kshs.500 for the whole work.

I was so depressed and had no one to share my story with i did not even go the hospital to check my status as did not know what others would talk.It was at this point that i learn t from friend about KEEPING ALIVE SOCIETIES HOPE (KASH) about their health talk programme where they meet the msms in the closet and share with freely in the same session i was also told that they offer legal services and that’s how i came about you he said.

The story was so sad and promised to gather my information too. I personally visited the place and met the re known priest whom i confirmed his habit of taking advantage of new msms in kisumu and young boys through are known msm in kisumu for exchange of money and sex so disgusting but even if this has to take place we have MSW (male sex workers) he should get them for the service and pay them for the service offered and not infringe other innocent peoples rights.

We appeal to those msms who still suffer in silence that they must come out and join organizations like KASH which support their them i want to make it clear again that KASH does not encourage /promote GAYISM in any way but what we do is help them with a vision to have a healthy,just and economically empowered society with mandate to empower the MARPS community and advocate for their human rights.




….it has been realized that though our health talk session we get to know a lot that happens in kisumu under the carpet it was on this day that we had a health session in are-known hot spot in kisumu for a health talk there were so many issues that rose up but one that caught my attention was the issue that an msms was battered to death by some rowdy men who were mobilized by the mother who happened to be a sex worker and they discovered they were sharing a man.
lucky enough the man {Brian} who is not his real name was also in the session. he narrated to us how the mother who has been doing sex work for along time ended up having his boyfriend as a client at first i kept suspecting but dint want to believe because in my tribe it an abomination so i gave myself ample time to ponder the same.

it was on this fine evening that had a date with this guy who works in kisumu as tout who had date with my mother ,he came to our home home not knowing i was there i thought he traced my place thorough friend to give me surprise only to realize he came for my mum whom he visits most of the time without my knowledge.the question that lingered my mind all this time was did any of them know that they were sharing man.Brian said immediately the guy saw him he changed his mind and left immediately the mother got suspicious having been suspecting his son being gay so he called him and as they were talking they started arguing and one thing led to the other still i had not confirmed.

it was on Friday evening that i heard a group of men calling me on coming out i spotted the same guy my boyfriend in the crowd and immediately they started beating me up as the guy watched helplessly as they beat me up they said you can not eat from same pot with your mother as they lough d i was in deep cuts and bleed to death then some good Samaritan took me to the hospital where i was admitted for three months thank God to keeping alive societies hope that came during their hospital visitations that met me in ward and had a talk with me they were the only relative i could see through their field officers they linked me to their legal officer who to date is helping me pursue justice.

it has been hard since each place i go for documentation for my case to be presented cash is needed and i lost my job when was admitted he said……we appeal to all of you who is still hiding there that its high time you come out as there are many organizations that are ready to work with people of your kind regardless of your sexual orientation for the better and healthy people in society. thanks to keeping alive societies hope {KASH} who work with the MARPS community to help the realize their dreams.



…….it so nyce having health talk sessions with peers who really are in need of service and information and not cash oriented….why do i say this ? Beacuse with that you are sure to get the true and real picture of what you want to get. we appeal to all other local implementing partners who still use stipends to reach the msms with information to stop and emulate what other organizations are doing on ground. we need something that is “long lasting not short term thing” for our peers…thanks to keeping alive societies hope {KASH} in collaboration with Aphia Plus for giving as the opportunity for such……

Abduction of an msm in kisumu

it was on the day of 24th December 2013 and the year was just coming to an end,people were anxious as they got ready to travel to rural palaces others were ready to host their friends and relatives who also came to town as always everybody was exited in one way or the other as they waited to usher in manyatta there happen to live a re known msms who has been living big and one might wonder he is stinking rich but not this is beacuse of the way he dresses up and the type of expensive phones that he has always been spotted with.

reliable resource said that this man had gone to pick food for supper before leaving for the msms party which was to be held at night in town when a group of men came and held him by force,he disappeared for several days and only came to the picture on the 7th of January 2014.the same reliable source said that having met him in person the msms gave his sad story as “i was on my way to the shop to buy food for super when a group of men came and took me to a car and drove it to unknown place on our way thy spoke different languages and said they want to teach me a lesson so that i can learn to dress well he sad”

they took him to kericho where they raped him repeatedly and unprotected the sad part of it is that the msms had no drugs as he is on ARTs which he did not carry during the abduction again who knows if all the rapist were all healthy that man remained in stress and was hiding as did not want anybody to hear this sad agony that he underwent.on meeting him i person Brian {not his real name }said he went without drugs for more than two weeks and suffered a lot of anal infection and had not gone for any medical checkup.

thanks to keeping alive society hope which has always in the fore front ion sensitization in both private and government hospitals where we referred the boy and as we speak he was re enrolled on care and is undergoing treatment or the same here in one of the most loved hospital by msms.

Why a majority of msms end up living in poverty…..

Why a majority of msms end up living in poverty……

MSM is a community that some say is unique and have own ways of doing their things on several occasions have observed their sensitivity to issues. This is one group that never wants to be on lime light and in most cases are very repulsive when given wrong approach. What could be the source of this? I kept thinking till i decided to do my visibility study in kisumu area being my own county.

In kisumu the percentage of men sleeping with men is rising rapidly and this may worry but my question is it beacuse of ones desire to be an msm or in born or peer pressure or poverty???? my mind landed on on poverty and its true most kisumu msms are not born gay but chances of poverty and peer pressure leads to this.

It was on Saturday that i decided that i want to treat five commonly known gays in kisumu for night so we went out with aim of getting to know where do people go wrong thank God they cooperated and gave me the information i needed perhaps beacuse they know me as one of them.I made sure that we talked when we were still very sober so that we wont put blame on alcohol on whatever we say and so the talk begun by wanting to know why most msms are not doing well in this city (kisumu) to be precise.

The information i got from at least four of them was that they are jobless and cant have stable lifestyle as we spoke i could see i was the only guy who looked jobless beacuse if compared the a tires they worn and the handsets that they carried only people working in some good organizations would own so i was not convinced but had option but to listen to more. I also asked how then they survive which they said most of the time they go for forums organized by different organizations and earn from them i asked proximately they would be paid for such and they said in a month they would go for more than four-days in a week and would be paid from the range of 2000 to 5000 to me that was not much but again it was worth saving to do something worthwhile.

From our discussion and from my prior research on same i realized that most msms in kisumu invest on their bodies…they take care of what they eat,drink and put on than where they stay most of them are homeless and keep hoping from one place to another for shelter they also live very fancy lifestyle that when you meet them they talk big and helping them becomes a problem the other major challenge is most of them are school dropouts and sought to gayism as asource of income which again don’t help them in real sense.

It has always been reported that on several occasions some msms in kisumu have been kidnapped and ended up being raped by unknown group of men who tend to think they have money which in real sense they don’t bearing in mind the kind of clothes they put on,the kind of phones they own and the frequency they visit some expensive social places in town.

We appeal to you out there to help us reach such kind of msms so that we can help them during our health talk sessions organized by KASH (KEEPING ALIVE SOCIETIES HOPE) where we do also share personal experiences among the few successful msms,we link them with some affordable learning institution and even micro financing institutions which can give them loans.We also appeal to the msms to try cut the coats according to their sizes to make people help them with ease…….

Is being an msm inherited or not??????

 A question that led to my findings….

it was during one of my usual activity day and was out in the field for my daily health session which i do have with my fellow msm peers in kisumu county during such session we allow our peers to give us their success stories after discussing our topic for the day. so it was not until during registration of my peers that i realized that there were two brothers who came for the session and so my curiosity arose more…..

just before i could open my mouth to say a word one of my peer msm looked at me and said i know what you want to ask and don’t worry we are fine and yes it is true we are real brothers he said. we all kept mum as we waited for the story to unfold……the person in question is my brother he is an msm like me and we raeliszed this when we were in high school. how i asked? we grew up in house made up of many ladies we were the only boys we loved putting on women clothes and loved their company at some point our parents were very uneasy but they thought we did that beacuse we were little boys.then what happened beacuse its weir ed to me….i said we grew up like that, went to school and honestly did not know how and when my brother became gay i discovered him when my boyfriend came to visit me and left them in my room only to get them on act….i dint know what to say or do beacuse we seemed to be birds of the same feathers.

how do you cope with that i asked him? we are very easy in fact we are free beacuse we don’t have anything to hide from each other and most of the time share our challenges together the best part of it is that we both enjoy same side of the game thus we can not be tempted to have a thing hahahahahahaaaa.. he laughed it off. do your parents and other siblings know about it i asked him? no! no! no! he lamented that would be the last thing can want them to and even if they did we have achieved what they expect from us went to school and passed and now are working the only thing we owe them is marrying which again is our right of choice.

do you benefit with the health talk session that KASH (KEEPING ALIVE SOCIETIES HOPE) offers to you as organization i asked? and they said a lot man…… ever since we started attending such we are so aware of our legal rights,we know how to negotiate for condoms thus cant contract sexually transmitted infections kudos to KASH they said.we appeal to all of you who still hide and suffer in silence that we always have health session talks for the msms in the closet running throughout the year in the session you will meet other msms in the closet who are professionals and you will realize you are not the only one hence will live your life to the fullest.

Discordant msms

hallow bloggers i tend to fall in love with this site day after day as i feel this is the only place that i reach most of my peers who are in the closet with untold stories during my day to day activity.

It was recently when i went out for my storming advocacy session around some police stations in kisumu area and had a lot with the police out of those that were said i had a story that caught me with surprise and wondered who can well give a solution to it.we all know that its normal for a man to tell the wife or the girlfriend to go for HIV testing and they go together but can an MSM tell his partner that they go for such tests in a public hospital and do it in the day broad light? Mmmhh that’s my worry but does it mean they are not at risk? well it was on the day of 9th January 2014 the day i had discussion with one police officer who also works in hospital as councilor who shared with me his experience with some two msms who he knew for avery long time as couples.

I have kwon these guys for long now, he said but one day one of them who seem to be free with me more than the other came and asked me to test for HIV as he said he wanted to know before they go for the final with his other male partner so he took the test unfortunately he turned positive so it was hard for him to encourage the friend to go for test in fear of being negative which could lead to their relationship breakup he said…throughout this time i kept asking myself several questions which were left unanswered among them do people still have unprotected sex in this time and era of the deadly virus HIV and AIDs? can we have discordant couples among gay partners?

Ok go on i told him. so one day the guy who had turned positive came back after a week and told me to refer him to Avery far hospital where he could be getting his drugs since i wanted the best for them i refereed him to chulaimbo hospital which is bit far from kisumu.On his visit when he went to clinic as he was still seated in the Que he could hear a voice like that of his friend talking inside but he couldn’t imagine bearing in mind they had met few months and had not shared about their work station so he went in surprisingly the guy who was to attend him was his boy friend so he changed the topic and told his friend that he was coming to confirm if he works at the hospital and he dint go for treatment as others as usual the friend believed him and he left without getting treated so he called back the police and told him about all that he was told to go and get anew ref-feral place.

When he went back he suggested that he be refereed away in Western region which the officer said fine so he was given letter to go to mbale hospital when he went to mbale as he was still in the Que he saw the bus full of staff from the boy friends working station on seeing him he changed the subject that he was waiting for a friend who was sick so the friend became suspicious of him now so he came back and asked the police for another referral so the man told him i think we need to talk the three of us that is myself you and your boyfriend at first he declined but then agreed so the councilor arranged or the meeting and they met.

During the talk they agreed to be tested and his friend turned to be negative.he said. so we can also have discordant couples in gay relationships too i wondered but the police said yes and he has witnessed that so the man started taking his drugs at his nearest health center and the friend is very supportive and they still have their love going on and strong each day.From this i learn t a lot and among things that i learn t were we can never run from the truth and getting positive does not mean the end of the road we should if we really love our partners share with them our health status because when we love we can not kill…..